Keeping Employees Safe and Well

Our health and safety culture is one in which every individual takes responsibility, and where our thinking and behaviours are focused on preventing risks, promoting safe working and looking after the health and well-being of our colleagues.

Cleveland Bridge has an outstanding health and safety record, both within our Darlington factory and on the sites where we work. Through training and communication we ensure all employees are not only compliant but industry leading in their approach to health, safety and the environment, taking full ownership of their behaviour as well as of others.  Our occupational health and safety management system has achieved the internationally recognised OHSAS 45001 accreditation.

Behavioural safety

A key innovation in our health and safety drive was to introduce specially developed behavioural safety training for all employees, helping to make safety awareness endemic and self-sustaining in the business. Our aim was to change attitudes, behaviours and build trust across the business, giving people the freedom and confidence to challenge unsafe behaviours, take responsibility and take action to improve safety.


In 2019, we achieved a Gold Award from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). RoSPA bestows its Gold award on organisations that have achieved high levels of performance, demonstrating well-developed health and safety management systems and culture, outstanding risk control and low levels of error, harm and loss.


We recognise that helping our employees to stay healthy, both mentally and physically, is a vital element in our health and safety programme – and we have developed a number of initiatives to help keep our people healthy and well.

Environmental Incident Rate

Cleveland Bridge are proud of having achieved an Environmental Incident rate of zero on our manufacturing and installation sites. In our factory, lean principles are embedded in every process. Through continuous improvement we optimise our resources and material use, while reducing waste and inefficiency. Site works are planned to optimise resource efficiency, and minimise waste, noise and disruption. As a result we have an Environmental Incident Rate of zero.

Steel as a circular economy

Steel can be recycled with no degradation of quality, making it a ‘permanent material’. In fact, sustainability is ingrained into steel products all along the supply chain. As such, we are committed to a circular economy for our steel. This means that we aim to either recycle, re-manufacture or reuse every piece of steel for new construction projects. From melting down bars to repurposing girders, our ultimate goal is to make sure that not even a scrap of steel goes to waste.

Carbon reduction

Our major investment in a lean culture has ensured everyone is involved in reducing our environmental impact, and currently we have more than 300 separate initiatives underway to improve our processes and reduce our carbon footprint. These can range from LED lighting, to reducing logistics for example the scale of our manufacturing plant means we can produce girders up to 56 metres in length, which creates environmental benefits all along the supply chain.

Accident frequency rate

On every project, we carry out thorough risk assessments and prioritise health and safety to ensure bridges and structures are fabricated, delivered and installed in the safest possible way. This often involves devising programmes that minimise working at height. As a result, we have an accident frequency rate (AFR) of zero on our sites. The average AFR for the British construction industry is 0.4.

SHE champions

The success of our health, safety and well-being programme is evidenced by the genuine engagement of all our people in behaving safely, taking care of each other and remaining alert to potential issues. Now, 6% of our staff are SHE champions – these are people who volunteered for this role and were selected by senior managers. In addition, 2% of our staff are trained mental well-being champions.

Mental wellbeing

Alongside our approach to improving safety in our factory and on sites, we have raised the profile of health and well-being. We now have mental health champions trained to safeguard the emotional health of our people, and we run many schemes to promote and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

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The fact that Cleveland Bridge UK has surpassed a million hours without a recordable accident underlines our deep commitment to the welfare of our workforce. It is even more remarkable given that we operate in an industry in which we deal with major and challenging feats of engineering and construction.

Chris Droogan Cleveland Bridge Managing Director

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