Sustainable Construction

Sustainability for us means building a profitable, efficient business that constructs high-quality steel products and services to meet the changing demands of infrastructure and the built environment.

It means creating a business that is itself sustainable, providing significant potential for growth and innovation as well as attractive employment and personal development opportunities for generations to come. Sustainable construction is at the heart of Cleveland Bridge. Our wide-ranging commitments to sustainability are set out in a clear, unambiguous sustainability charter. This charter sets out distinct pledges and targets for sustainability in our products and services, environmental impact, employee well-being and safety, and in the management of our business.

Our commitment to sustainability

Cleveland Bridge is certified to ISO14001:2015 and has achieved the Steel Construction Sustainability Charter Gold standard. Our sustainability charter sets out pledges in five areas:

  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Product & Service quality
  • Compliance
  • Training


Everyone at Cleveland Bridge has signed a ‘Values Charter’, which is publicly displayed, demonstrating their commitment to our ethical values of trust, integrity, transparency and respect.

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Local supply chain

We are commited to a sustainable supply chain and have a supplier base of more than 400 providers, and 75% of the orders we raise are for products from businesses within the North East. Only where specialist equipment is needed, such as machine parts, do we buy from further afield.

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Our objectives

• Be collaborative problem solvers to the steel construction industry
• Respect our environment through an aligned supply chain and environmental leadership
• Be known in our industry as a safe place to work and one that values wellbeing
• Deliver a secure, respectful work environment which values effort and promotes development
• Provide ethical, clear guidance and performance in the management of the organisation

Our sustainability charter

Sustainability is embedded in the way we work throughout Cleveland Bridge

To help embed sustainability in the way we work throughout Cleveland Bridge, we developed a clear and comprehensive sustainability charter, setting objectives and KPIs for five key areas of the business: products and services, environment, wellbeing, people and business management.

We recognise that to be sustainable we must:

  • Construct the highest-quality steel products
  • Look after the environment in which we manufacture and install our products
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace wherever we work
  • Comply with international laws and regulations
  • Engage with our local community, schools and colleges to encourage talented people to join our business
  • Promote sustainable initiatives in all our activities
Our policy

The sustainability of our products

Steel itself is an endlessly recyclable material. It can be recycled from scrap repeatedly with no detriment to its properties. This fact alone makes steel a highly sustainable choice for construction. However, we do much more to ensure our products are produced as sustainably as possible, by minimising waste by design and through extensive recycling.

Gold award

Lean manufacturing

In our factory, lean principles have been embedded in every process to improve efficiency and eliminate waste. All employees have been through lean training and are empowered to identify, suggest and implement efficiency improvements and waste-reduction initiatives throughout our operations.

Manufacturing expertise

Site management

We engage early with all stakeholders, from the client and main contractor to local authorities, residents and police to plan our work in meticulous detail so that any impacts on the environment and the local area are minimised. We conduct detailed risk assessments of every project and vet all subcontractors to ensure they comply with our high standards of sustainability. Site works are planned to optimise resource efficiency, and minimise waste, noise and disruption.

Site management

Reducing waste

Throughout our manufacturing facilities and office locations, improving energy efficiency and sustainability is an important priority. We have strict waste segregation policies in place and, by working closely with our contractor, we are now operating at zero direct waste to landfill. We are closely monitoring and looking at how we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency is an important priority, examples of recent improvements include introducing zonal lighting, updating our IT servers, incorporating the latest energy-efficient processing technologies. We have also recently updated hardware and all PC’s and laptops for more energy-efficient versions, investing in a fleet of energy-saving photocopiers and printers.

Steel construction sustainability charter

We have achieved the Gold Standard in recognition of our commitment to sustainability. Our Gold status requires that we have policies in place for sustainable construction, ethical trading, equal opportunities, sustainable sourcing, and energy and fuel usage.

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We were extremely happy with the quality of the product supplied by Cleveland Bridge. They worked on a challenging programme and collaborated well throughout the project. The Site Operations and Installation was executed to a high standard, the project benefitted from the early engagement of Cleveland Bridge.

David Lane, Project Manager Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd

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