Victoria Falls Railway Bridge

  • Year: 1905
  • Location: Zimbabwe & Zambia


The Victoria Falls Bridge crosses the Zambezi River, just below the Victoria Falls, linking the two countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Constructed as a steel arch bridge, this structure is 198m long with its main arch spanning 156.5m at a height of 128m above the lower water mark. The bridge was originally built to carry a double line of railway across the Zambesi river, however it was strengthened in 1929 where a new deck was built allowing it to carry roads, rail and pedestrians.

The Victoria Falls Bridge was constructed in England by the Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company before being shipped to the Mozambique port of Beira and then transported on the newly constructed railway to the Victoria Falls. It was constructed rapidly, taking only 14 months to complete, and was opened in 1905.

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