Humber Bridge Refurbishment

Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd was the principal contractor to inspect the Humber Bridge’s main cables. This would be the first detailed inspection since a new dehumidification system was installed in 2010 to prevent corrosion and extend the life of the bridge cables.

  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Hull, England
  • Client: Humber Bridge Board
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The Humber Bridge Board needed to find a maintenance contractor to conduct a 12-month inspection of the iconic bridge’s main cables.


Originally constructed by Cleveland Bridge

12 Months

Inspection of the bridge’s main cables

1.38 miles

Length of suspension cables


For this project, the company will act as principal contractor for the Humber Bridge Board. It will complete the inspection of eight main cable panels, as well as providing cable material sampling, sample preparation and associated laboratory works.


Safely accessing the high-tensile wires within the main cables for analysis, often at great height, is the major challenge of this project.  The bridge will remain open to traffic and pedestrians throughout the programme.


Once the inspection and testing work is completed, the Humber Bridge Board will have the assurance that the bridge’s main cables are fully protected against corrosion. They will require no further planned preventative maintenance for another ten years—– safeguarding the future of this Grade I listed structure.

The Humber Bridge is a complex piece of engineered infrastructure, critical to the local area and economy. We needed a maintenance partner that understood how to minimise the impact of essential inspection works on our customers, while providing a high-quality solution within a minimal programme time.

Andrew Arundel Humber Bridge Board

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