Faslane Ship Lift and Transfer System

  • Year: 1993
  • Location: Faslane, Scotland


The Faslane ship lift is one of the largest in the world; able to completely rise out of the water, a 14,515 tonne (submerged weight) 150m by 13m wide submarine in operational conditions.

Manufacture and installation of the primary shiplift steelwork comprised of 72 tonne main transfer beams, articulated units and cast hanger beams which secure “parking” of the loaded ship lift. Once this structure had been completed, the transfer system was manufactured, installed, commissioned and tested. The system included 77 transfer cradles which allowed movement of vessels from the ship lift to the dry dock areas with a total project tonnage of 5,726te.

All work was undertaken in accordance with stringent quality assurance requirements for contractors working at CSB Clyde (QARC).

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