Embankment Place

  • Year: 1990
  • Location: London, England


Embankment Place is a post-modern office and shopping complex built above the platforms of Charing Cross railway station. The structural design comprises a steel arch constructed of plate box sections tied with steel stressing bars where a conventional steel frame of columns, beams and metal decking is suspended from. A combination of bridge building technology and the steel framing of a conventional building was required for the construction of long spans with minimal weight.

The frame itself includes two unusual features, one being that the main stability core was constructed from plate rather than conventional cross bracing and two being the fact that fabricated tapered beams were used as a cost effective alternative to rolled sections for the primary beams spanning 12m. This reduced both the structural and service zones and optimized the floor to floor height, minimizing the area of cladding. The total tonnage of this project was 5,000te.

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