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A14 Huntingdon Viaduct

Project Completed: 2013

About the project

A14 Huntingdon viaduct strengthening consists of 38 steel I beams 1.75m deep arranged in a grillage formation, with 19 beams on each side of the viaduct. These beams replace older box section beams to create a stiffer and more durable alternative load path to the structures half joint and actively support the existing concrete structure.

The 38 new beams were installed as braced pairs weighing up to 25t, prior to a new pair of beams an old pair of beams were removed then replaced with the new pair in the same shift. Because the beams span either busy road or live railway all of the work was completed at night with many lifts requiring railway possessions. The 19 beams on the north side were installed using SPMT’s with a large capacity scissor lift installed on it to get the height needed. Beams on the south side were installed using a 37t capacity forklift fitted with a 5m high lifting frame.

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