Cleveland Bridge increases production capacity with equipment investment

22nd June 2017

Cleveland Bridge UK has increased its production capacity with an investment in a new production line, which includes specialist equipment to cut steel plate.

The world-renowned steel fabrication company has added a FICEP Gemini HD36 CNC plasma plate processing machine and a FICEP 1101DZB automated saw and drill line to its extensive site in Darlington, County Durham.

The new machine will increase the company’s capacity to cut profiles from steel plate by around 50 percent, supporting both structures and infrastructure projects with small fitting components. This additional capacity will help to deliver projects across the UK and around the world.

With the new equipment comes an investment in training to upskill the operators using it, and the members company’s production support department.

Chris Droogan, Managing Director of Cleveland Bridge UK, said: “This investment demonstrates our commitment to increasing both our manufacturing capacity and productivity. It is also a welcome opportunity upskill a number members of the Cleveland Bridge team.

“While the principles behind engineering don’t change, the technology does, and in the UK this is more important than anywhere, given the importance of efficiency and innovation to our competitive edge.

“A growing number of projects require large volumes of profiled steel and this equipment will increase the speed at which we are able to deliver it. The work we do at Cleveland Bridge is in demand around the world and in the domestic market, so this is an ideal time to grow our capacity.”

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