Cleveland Bridge hosts EEF supply chain event

2nd October 2018

Cleveland Bridge hosted a networking event to demonstrate supply chain best practice for manufacturers’ organisation, EEF.

The Manufacturing Connects event, which examined both internal and external supply chains, was held at the Darlington factory to allow the company to share its expertise with business peers from across the region.

It was attended by over 20 EEF members who heard Cleveland Bridge Head of Operations, Keith Shimmin and Patrick Lawson, Business Development Manager, detail how it has evolved its highly effective supply chain to meet the industry’s constantly changing challenges.

They described how a strong supply chain, which encompasses all levels of the business from strategic to operational, is vital to drive innovation and achieve the necessary balance between creating greater efficiency and improving customer service.

One example highlighted was in the field of transport. Through close collaboration and planning, Cleveland Bridge UK is now able to move larger and much heavier steel structures by road to reduce the amount of on-site work which was previously required.

This has been possible through working closely with logisitics experts to ensure that the bridge design allows for more effective transportation.The event, which concluded with a tour of the factory, was aimed at EEF members already involved in, or interested in, developing their supply chain.

Keith Shimmin said: “We were pleased to be able to highlight what a positive contribution a highly effective and well managed supply chain has had on Cleveland Bridge UK.”

“There are many advantages, not least making the company more competitive and increasing customer satisfaction.”

Patrick Lawson added: “We hope that our expertise and extensive knowledge in developing a strong supply chain will prove helpful to those EEF members who attended the event.”

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