Building bridges with Hurworth School to inspire future engineers

15th November 2017

Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd is helping to inspire future generations of engineers by supporting a STEM Day at Hurworth School in Darlington.

As part of their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) lessons, the Year 9 students took part in a bridge building project to apply their theoretical learning in a practical, real world situation.

The company’s trainee engineer Connor Lishman, who is also a STEM Ambassador at Darlington College, joined the students for the morning session helping them use specialist Bridge Designer software to create their structure and test the concept of the design against scientific parameters.

Once the design was printed off, the students spent the afternoon building their bridges and testing their strengths.

The completed bridges and designs were judged by Cleveland Bridge’s Structures Production Manager, Gary Kipling, to pick out the winning concepts.

Gary said: “The students did a fantastic job taking their designs from concept to reality and using their STEM learning in a practical scenario. The bridges they created were very good and I was impressed with their efforts. I think there could be some future structural engineers among the students!”

Jamie Smith, Head of Design and Technology at Hurworth School said: “We are really grateful to the team from Cleveland Bridge for their support at our STEM day. Their technical know-how and experience was of real benefit to our students who were able to see how their STEM lessons can be applied in the real world.”

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