Stadia and Arenas

Sports stadia and public arenas are some of the most eye-catching structures in the built environment. Building large-scale complex structures requires high-quality materials, engineering ingenuity and project management expertise.

Stadia designed to safely accommodate thousands of people while providing unobstructed views and fulfilling the aesthetic vision of the architects require significant structural ingenuity. Such structures feature large open spans and many have vast gravity-defying cantilevered canopies. Cleveland Bridge has been responsible for fabricating and installing structural steelwork for landmark arenas and auditoria around the world. Our expertise enables us to achieve the aesthetic and architectural forms of these structures, while ensuring they are buildable in practice in a live environment with often constrained sites. To learn more about our Structural Steel Solutions, please click here

Accelerated programmes

Many large-scale stadia are located in built-up areas hemmed in by residential and commercial properties where access is restricted, and where the space available to manoeuvre and lift large steel components is severely limited. What’s more, sports stadia frequently need to be constructed in the off-season in the sporting calendar, which limits programme times. Often the playing surface at the centre of the arena must be protected too, limiting suitable locations for cranes and delivery vehicles. This is where the value of our knowledge, experience and our collaborative approach bring the greatest benefits.

Complex installation

Our steelwork lifting and installation expertise means we can devise suitable methods for safely and accurately installing the large components required for these huge structures. We have a track record of completing major stadia within challenging timescales, and have the expertise needed to deliver these vast public-use amenities in the most cost and time efficient manner.

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