Rail and Transport Infrastructure — Steelwork Construction in Operational Environments

Expertise in managing rail and air terminal construction projects around live transport hubs, maintaining access for the travelling public and ensuring their safety and comfort while erecting huge structures in close proximity.

These large public buildings are often architecturally important, and our teams are skilled at managing projects and structural detailing so that the architect’s vision can be realised while delivering a robust, high-quality structure that is buildable in practice. Rail and airport terminals often feature long-spans of steelwork over wide open spaces, making our ability to manufacture and deliver steel components up to 50 metres long an important factor.

It’s our attention to detail that makes these challenging projects a success —  our engineers focus on the details so that we understand the function of every nut and bolt and can identify efficiencies and improvements to create the optimum structure. A crucial element in these transport structures is the interface between the primary structural steelwork and the secondary steelwork and cladding. Our precise fabrication ensures that every connection and hole in the primary steelwork is accurately positioned to facilitate a hassle-free secondary construction phase.  To learn more about our Structural Steel Solutions, please click here

Rail terminals

Cleveland Bridge leads the way in the construction of major rail terminals, where the challenges of limited possession windows and the need to maintain uninterrupted rail services are significant limiting factors. Our award-winning project to build the new Reading Station saw the entire transfer deck erected alongside the existing station, and then slid into place overnight.

Value engineering

We bring a fresh perspective to every project, contributing expertise and insights that look beyond short-term economies to identify improvements in functionality, buildability, programme management and whole-life costing  — delivering long-term benefits for clients and their buildings.

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The management team have been pro-active and have worked with us to improve the process at each stage, resulting in time and safety improvements.

Mark Howard Costain

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