Commercial Structures

Cleveland Bridge has the steelwork capacity, engineering knowledge and construction expertise to design, manufacture and install primary structural steelwork for any large-scale commercial building.

That includes all structural columns and beams as well as the heavy transfer structures required to support the weight of high-rise buildings. Basement structures for large buildings often require heavy plate girders with complex shear stud arrangements — exactly like the bridge structures for which we are renowned. Our structural engineering expertise enables us to design and fabricate structures that work with the changing dynamics of tall buildings as they rise, and to engineer structures for the specific capacity and loading requirements of low, medium and high-rise applications. To learn more about our Structural Steel Solutions, please click here


Working with BIM, and the use of modern software enables an interface with the designers to model the structure, ahead of manufacture to identify the challenges for design and installation. Whilst also facilitating O&M requirements to help the asset owner manage their structure in an efficient way.

Complete structural steelwork package for any large building

Our ability to design, fabricate and install heavy transfer structures and primary steelwork makes Cleveland Bridge one of a select group of steel contractors able to provide a complete structural steelwork package for any large building.

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The management team have been pro-active and have worked with us to improve the process at each stage, resulting in time and safety improvements.

Mark Howard Costain

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