Structural steelwork — built to perfection

Cleveland Bridge has been constructing buildings and bridges around the world for more than 150 years. Cleveland Bridge has a history of success in complex structures engineering.

Complete structural steelwork package

Our experienced teams manufacture, fabricate, temporary works design and install primary structural steelwork for all kinds of buildings. We’ve worked on everything from high-rise buildings to industrial plants and many other structures. We are able to manufacture and install complex structural frames and the heavy transfer structures that support them for buildings of any size. To learn more about our Structural Steel Solutions, please click here

Commercial buildings — Primary structural steelwork and heavy transfer structures

Cleveland Bridge has the steelwork capacity, engineering knowledge, and construction expertise to achieve complex structure engineering tasks for any large-scale commercial building. This includes all structural columns and beams, as well as the heavy transfer structures required to support the weight of high-rise buildings.

Commercial Buildings

Stadia and arenas — Facilitating architectural and structural ingenuity

Cleveland Bridge has been responsible for fabricating and installing structural steelwork for landmark arenas and auditoria around the world. Our expertise enables us to achieve the aesthetic and architectural forms of these structures, while ensuring they are buildable in practice in a live environment within often constrained sites.

Stadia and Arenas

Energy and nuclear infrastructure — Heavyweight structures for challenging sites

We have the expertise to build everything from vast turbine halls to nuclear containment doors. We can help construct large buildings required to house power-generation assets and ancillary systems.

Energy and Nuclear Infrastructure

Working together to save time, costs, and risks

The benefits of this approach speak for themselves — by working together to deliver these projects, we save time and resources. We also improve safety, reduce risks, minimise waste, and optimise value. By contributing our expertise from the design and planning stage we ensure that structures are efficient and practical to build – first time around. The impact of our expertise is greater the earlier we are involved, helping clients to find safer, faster, more efficient ways to build their structures.

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Rail and transport infrastructure — Steelwork construction in operational environments

Cleveland Bridge has developed market-leading expertise in managing rail and air terminal construction projects around live transport hubs. This means maintaining access for the travelling public and ensuring their safety and comfort while erecting huge structures in close proximity.

Rail and Transport Infrastructure

BIM/TEKLA modelling

We use building information modelling (BIM) with advanced TEKLA 3D software to generate complete digital representations of steel frameworks and structures.


Value engineering

Value engineering and design development have long been integral to the Cleveland Bridge ethos. Working together with clients, architects, engineers and sub-contractors, we share expertise and knowledge to devise the most efficient programme plans and structural designs for optimum project value.


Health and safety

The health, wellbeing and happiness of our people are central to our success. Our people are empowered to challenge unsafe behaviours and act to improve safety. We have a dedicated health and safety manager in our factory and on every site where we work.

Health, Safety & Environment

Customer satisfaction

Collaboration is at the heart of every Cleveland Bridge project. From early engagement with designers, through contributions to planning and logistics and coordination with clients, subcontractors and suppliers, collaboration is key to our successful, safe and efficient project delivery.


Training and apprenticeships

Our award-winning apprenticeship programme offers training for many different trades. We offer higher level and graduate apprenticeships, as well as a graduate training scheme. Our talent identification programme supports people at every stage of their career by creating personal development plans.

People Development

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We were extremely happy with the quality of the product supplied by Cleveland Bridge. They worked on a challenging programme and collaborated well throughout the project. The Site Operations and Installation was executed to a high standard, the project benefitted from the early engagement of Cleveland Bridge.

David Lane, Project Manager Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd

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