Bow String Bridge Design

Cleveland Bridge supports some of the most challenging structures all around the world. With our command of British construction and engineering excellence, no project is beyond our scope.

The bow string truss bridge creates an arch formation and mimics many of the attributes of the tied arch. The significant difference is that it allows simpler design and construction detailing, resulting in a more cost-effective solution. We have extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of these bow string and truss bridges. Our cross-functional teams can provide a complete design, build, and installation service.

Lean manufacturing

In our factory, lean principles are embedded in every process. Through continuous improvement we optimise our resources and material use, while reducing waste and inefficiency. By segregating waste, recycling and working with our waste contractor, we send zero direct waste to landfill.

Training and development

We recognise that people are the real differentiators of our business, which is why we invest so heavily in training, recruitment, and retention — and why we have doubled our training budget every year since 2015.

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