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Cleveland Bridge’s history is filled with examples of historic suspension and cable-stayed bridges, we have experience across every continent, crossing some of the world’s largest waterways, railways and roads.

At Cleveland Bridge, we have the facilities and equipment to produce heavy plated structures for all forms of large span bridge deck this can include:

  • Composite/Ladder
  • Orthotropic
  • Aerofoil
  • Fully Enclosed boxes
  • Stiffened panels — traffic deck
  • Large plated boxes — Towers/box beam

We have plenty of experience in the construction of the superstructure, as well as lifting, erection, launching and temporary works.

Installation and erection

We tailor our lifting solutions for every positioning and installation scenario. We offer a wide range of ground-breaking construction methods and sequences, capable of fulfilling full bridge erection and geotechnical assistance with caissons. Our expertise includes providing incremental or full structure launch and all related on-going support and sub-structure.

Our approach

Over a significant period, we have been demonstrating to our clients our ability to add value to the Design and Construct process. Our management and project teams have a level of experience unprecedented in our industry. We pride ourselves on thinking laterally and searching for innovative engineering solutions. Our strong ethical values and culture mean that we fully comply with all the latest international legislation.

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The management team have been pro-active and have worked with us to improve the process at each stage, resulting in time and safety improvements.

Mark Howard Costain

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