BIM for Better Structures

Utilising highly detailed 3D Building Information Modeling our engineers work in closer collaboration with designers. This improves accuracy, reduces the level of documentation rework and can significantly reduce programme times, facilitating improved insight for the whole Supply Chain.

Working with building information modelling (BIM), and the use of modern software enables an interface with the designers to model the structure, ahead of manufacture and to identify the challenges for design and installation. On all projects we use BIM with advanced TEKLA 3D software to generate complete digital representations of the steel structure. Our experienced design and engineering teams can assess and confirm all aspects of the details and produce general arrangement, fabrication and component drawings and Strumis CNC data for material handling and automatic cutting and drilling.

Utilising BIM ensures a more collaborative and better controlled exchange of engineering data with our clients, leading to improved quality, better efficiency and reduced risk. At Cleveland Bridge our internal systems are fully integrated with our clients preferred document management system to facilitate improved information exchange.


To us, sustainability goes beyond looking after the environment; it means building a profitable business that is itself sustainable, providing significant potential for growth and innovation as well as attractive employment and personal-development opportunities.

Early engagement

Collaboration is at the heart of every Cleveland Bridge project. From early engagement with designers, through contributions to planning and logistics and coordination with clients, subcontractors and suppliers, collaboration is key to our successful, safe and efficient project delivery — and our high customer-satisfaction scores.

Our capabilities

As a leading steelwork fabricator, we can manufacture and install both complex structural frames and heavy transfer structures for buildings of any size. Our specialist knowledge and expertise enable us to bring innovation and value engineering to any project, helping us save time, costs and resources for clients, while improving safety and environmental performance.

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