Putting people first: How Cleveland Bridge Group fosters a healthy company culture

5th August 2020

With National Cycle to Work Day (6th August) fast approaching, it is a great time for us to reflect on the ways that Cleveland Bridge Group works to instil a healthy company culture.

From cycle to work schemes to mental health ‘well-being champions’, we have implemented many initiatives across our company with one goal in mind: continue to support our employees.

Continue reading, below, to find out more about our staff support programmes.

Championing mental health initiatives

At Cleveland Bridge Group, we create a safer, more inclusive working environment by encouraging open communication with our employees about mental health.

We recognise, however, that individuals may be reluctant to approach senior staff members for support. That’s why we introduced mental health ‘well-being champions’ to our network. These volunteers are colleagues and work friends who support anyone experiencing mental health issues or emotional distress across the business. Since its rollout, our employees have enjoyed an easy and approachable way to the seek the support they may need.

Katie Farnish, Marketing Executive at Cleveland Bridge UK, describes her role as a ‘well-being champion’, “As well as acting as a confidante, I direct employees to additional sources of support, such as professional counselling services. It is all about encouraging healthy behaviours, normalising the subject of ‘mental wellbeing’ and promoting positive mental health.”

We at Cleveland Bridge Group also love to celebrate our employees, and their hard work, whenever possible. Every year, we host a family fun day where employees across all departments come together for food, drink and fun activities. This strong sense of family, in addition to providing a safe and supportive environment for our staff, is something we are always improving across our business network.

Promoting physical well-being

With a mantra of ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, Cleveland Bridge Group’s positive mental health pledge also extends to the physical health of employees.

This year, we introduced a cycle to work scheme that encourages our employees to re-think their daily journeys to work. Not only does this boost the physical health of our staff, but cycling has also been shown to greatly improve mental health.

The scheme has proven to be very popular among our staff, as Jayne Dover, HR Manager attests to, “The office bike rack is full every day, with people comparing their commute times and distances on the Cleveland Bridge Strava group. Even during lockdown, there were regular challenges to keep us active and engaged. Everyone can’t wait to get involved with National Cycle to Work Day.”

In addition to our exercise programmes, we have also implemented healthy eating initiatives across the business. This includes free fruit for employees, as well as multiple healthy options in our on-site canteen, encouraging a balanced and nutritious diet for our staff.

Investing in our employees

We at Cleveland Bridge Group are committed to developing our employees so that they have greater career opportunities. We believe that it is the most sustainable way to increase job satisfaction and help everyone benefit from a healthy company culture.

In 2018, we introduced our Supporting, Training, Enhancing People (STEP) programme, which offers training, advice and career progression for all our staff. This initiative was part of a talent development strategy that saw our training budget double year-on-year from 2017 to 2019.

Michael Shevlin, Training Manager at Cleveland Bridge UK, emphasises the importance of this type of investment in our staff, “People are the heart of our company and our greatest asset. To ensure that our business has a sustainable future, developing future talent is a key objective.”

With these development strategies, Cleveland Bridge Group are empowering staff to improve their skills and shape the future of the company. Showing constant support and rewarding employees for their hard work is a business approach we are proud to take.

As we look to the future, Cleveland Bridge Group will continue to support and develop employees, fostering the sense of community that values everyone across the company.

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