Protecting the past: Showcasing Cleveland Bridge Group’s bridge rehabilitation services

12th October 2020

From cable inspection and replacement on long-span bridges to preserving historic bridges, Cleveland Bridge Group leads the industry in bridge rehabilitation.

Our expertise not only protects structures from the long-term damage of corrosion but also strengthens and increases the load-bearing capabilities of both long-span and short-span bridges.

Continue reading, below, to find out about our full suite of specialised bridge rehabilitation services.

Cable inspection and replacement

Cable corrosion is one of the biggest threats to the structural integrity of a bridge. Over time, this damage reduces the load-bearing capacity of long-span bridges, often to the point that these cables need to be replaced.

Cleveland Bridge Group offer both the inspection and replacement of corroded cables.

First, we assess the health of the cables, with our engineers choosing bridge-specific inspection methods. If we determine that certain cables are beyond repair, we then plan and manage the processes required for a safe and efficient cable replacement. For both cable inspection and replacement, the aim is to minimise disruption to bridge users and stakeholders and in all instances safety is of paramount importance.


Cleveland Bridge Group also install and maintain the latest cable dehumidification technologies.

These systems preserve suspension bridges by blowing dry air in the cables at a low pressure. This allows the dry air to permeate between the individual cable wires, collecting moisture before being released through exhaust ports. With no moisture, cable corrosion is inhibited.

While only a relatively recent rehabilitation technique, many industry leaders already recognise the cost-benefits of dehumidification.


Many historic bridges were not designed to support the heavier traffic of the 21st century. To continue to operate safely, these structures need to be repaired and reinforced.

Yet, with histories spanning over 100 years, it’s important to ensure that the aesthetic of these bridges are not compromised. At Cleveland Bridge Group, we carry out our strengthening work without changing the structure’s overall look.

Our recent work on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in Goathland, for example, saw us replace a century-old bridge that featured in the Harry Potter film series. As well as bringing the structure up to modern safety standards, this new design mirrored the classic style of the original bridge, preserving the heritage of this iconic landmark.


Repainting a steel bridge not only enhances its aesthetic, it can also protect the structure against corrosion damage.

Cleveland Bridge Group’s bridge painting services cover a wide range of projects, from restoring localised damaged areas to repainting entire bridges. No matter the type of structure, we determine the most appropriate paint system, restoring the bridge to its former glory.

We also have a specialised expertise in repainting and restoring historic bridges. This year, for instance, we were contracted on the Nottingham Trent Bridge Refurbishment project. It was our responsibility to paint more than 11,000m2 of this iconic structure, in addition the application of intricate gold leaf was also applied. The project was completed on time – despite severe storm conditions and COVID-19 restrictions.

Wind barriers

For many long-span bridges, high winds are an expensive and all-too-common problem. By installing wind barriers on exposed structures, Cleveland Bridge Group protects traffic from high winds that would have otherwise led to costly closures.

While not directly linked to extending a bridge’s lifespan, this rehabilitation service saves bridge owners and operators more money in the long-term that can then be used to maintain the bridge in question.

Access systems

From scaffolding and high-level gantries to underdeck platforms, Cleveland Bridge Group provides the access systems required to complete a bridge rehabilitation project. With these systems in place, engineers and construction workers are able to safely and efficiently access bridge components.

For both long-span and short-span bridges, we offer custom access systems that can be designed and built to specific requirements. This includes bespoke underdeck gantries that move along the entire bridge length, specialised main cable gantries and fully enclosed scaffolding systems to protect workers against wind and rain.

Cleveland Bridge Group are proud to be industry leaders in bridge rehabilitation, offering an unrivalled range of cutting-edge services. To find out more information, head over to our website.

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