Focus on Global Collaboration at The World Crane and Transport Summit

20th November 2019

Due to the size, scope and increasing complexity of bridge construction and maintenance, many companies do not have the resources to handle these projects alone. From specialist equipment considerations to speed of installation, projects can be completed much more efficiently when companies collaborate and share their insights.

For example, while Cleveland Bridge Group played a vital role in the construction of the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong, we were not alone in this ambitious undertaking. Four companies across three countries came together to share their skills, knowledge and resources. As a result of this global collaboration, the world’s longest spanning road and rail bridge was completed on time and to budget.

Collaboration is a critical success factor and as a bridge manufacturer, the crane and transport industry is a fundamental part of our supply chain. Cleveland Bridge Group recently debuted at the World Crane and Transport Summit as a technical leader in bridge manufacturing. In the last decade, this summit has established itself as a centre of excellence for users and buyers of cranes and transport equipment from all over the globe. As an international authority in bridge manufacturing, we were perfectly placed to share our own expertise with fellow industry leaders.

This year’s summit was held in Amsterdam on the 13th and 14th November. Over the course of the event, there was a wealth of fascinating conferences, speakers and opportunities to network with different companies.

Nick Lamb, Head of Business Development at Cleveland Bridge Group, spoke about the importance of getting involved in events like the World Crane and Transport Summit, “We are always looking for new ways to work closely with our supply chain. On recent projects, such as Kegworth Bypass and Queensferry Crossing, the use of state-of-the-art crane and transport equipment has been vital. By attending the summit, we could talk to the experts of transport and craneage and share best practices for future projects.”

As part of the summit’s specialised transport session, Cleveland Bridge Group presented a talk about the effect of bridge trends on the crane and transport sector. We focused on the connection between the two industries, covering everything from bridge installation techniques to the rise of offline manufacturing.

Nick Lamb believes it was a significant opportunity for Cleveland Bridge Group, “We want to understand the critical factors affecting transport and craneage, as well as the issues that they face. Only then can we work together to address these concerns and bring success to the industry as whole.”

As believers of continued collaboration, Cleveland Bridge Group were very pleased to get involved with the World Crane and Transport Summit. It was a great opportunity to meet our peers, share best practices and build fruitful relationships across different sectors.

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