Cleveland Bridge leading the industry to a sustainable future

16th December 2019

Working towards a better tomorrow, sustainability is at the core of Cleveland Bridge Group’s values. From products and services to employee well-being, we want to implement this attitude in all aspects of the business, guaranteeing the future of the company and our industry.

Only through collaboration, however, do we believe this feat is possible. To promote rewarding partnerships, one of our priorities is to obtain a gold level of membership in the Supply Chain Sustainability School – an organisation of clients, contractors and suppliers who collaborate to develop sustainable practices.

Chris Droogan, Managing Director at Cleveland Bridge Group, emphasises the benefits of this collaboration, “With guidance from the Supply Chain Sustainability School, we can work to responsibly source all of our construction products. It is our long-held belief that our projects need to have a minimal possible environmental impact – and sustainable suppliers are just the first step. We believe that we can do more.”

Additionally, we aim to achieve zero waste to landfill and reduce our carbon emissions. While Cleveland Bridge Group is already committed to a circular economy for our steel, we are keen to engage with local communities and learn what more we can do to drive sustainability.

It is through this level of engagement that we were able to improve other areas of the business’ sustainability. The ambition is to emulate the success of our well-being initiatives, which have contributed to Cleveland Bridge Group’s reputation as a safe and respectful work environment.

From mental health to workplace accidents, Chris Droogan emphasises the importance of employee well-being, “We believe that a secure workplace is a key to maintaining a sustainable workforce. In 2019, our efforts were recognised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) with a Gold Award. This accolade was a testament to our stringent health and safety management systems that produced very low levels of error, harm and loss.”

With this new position as an industry leader in sustainability, we have geared our thinking towards industry-wide benefits. For example, Cleveland Bridge Group have implemented development programmes to address the UK’s shortfall of engineering graduates.

This includes regularly attending school events and university open days, opening a clear line of communication with the potential engineers of tomorrow. We guide them on their career path, offering apprenticeships and graduate schemes to continue their development within Cleveland Bridge Group. As a result, we are a proud member of the 5% Club, exclusive to companies who employ at least 5% of their workforce in ‘earn and learn’ positions.

Whether it is environmental considerations or guaranteeing a steady influx of talent, our approach to sustainability is shaped by positive leadership and engagement. As such, we ensure the team is aligned with company values with regular ABC (Awareness, Behaviour, Commitment) sessions. Only then can Cleveland Bridge Group confidently carry out the plans for a sustainable business and industry in the wider world.

In all areas of the business, we firmly believe that sustainability is the key to a better tomorrow.

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