Inspiring the next generation at Bring It On 2019

15th October 2019

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) industries are growing at an unprecedented rate. In fact, between now and 2023, a total of 142,000 new STEM roles are set to be created – that is double the growth rate of other occupations.

As these industries grow to satisfy demand, so too must the skills and enthusiasm of the next generation. The recruits of tomorrow can usher in a sustainable future for these industries, ensuring that this current period of prosperity continues.

However, certain STEM industries of the UK are facing a skills shortage. According to Engineering UK, to meet growing engineering demand, a whopping 1.8 million new recruits are needed by 2025. A concerted effort must be made to highlight the ever-expanding opportunities for budding engineers.

With Bring It On 2019, that is exactly what the industry did. Earlier this week, national and regional organisations came together in Sunderland to raise awareness around the staggering range of engineering opportunities available to the next generation.

This huge, two-day event invited both primary and secondary school students to speak to engineers, listen to lectures and get involved with activities. The aim was to inspire, educate and motivate young people to take a greater interest in engineering.

As Katie Farnish, Marketing Executive at Cleveland Bridge, explains, “It’s about inspiring the next generation of manufacturers and engineers. It’s great seeing the children engage and thrive in a STEM environment, it’s important that children take an interest and realise how careers within such subjects can really make a difference.”

As ardent believers in inspiring the next generation, the Cleveland Bridge Group was very excited to get involved with Bring It On. In fact, 2019 was our third consecutive year with the event and, as always, it was a pleasure to see the children’s enthusiasm first-hand. This year, our exhibit focused on our portfolio of prestigious bridges, sharing interesting details about every step of construction.

The event has a wonderful atmosphere as Katie explains, “We love just engaging with the children, we have different conversations with the different ages, the younger ones are more keen on the activities and it can get quite competitive, but it is brilliant seeing them work together to solve the problems. The older kids we tend to talk more about the application of their studies, they love to watch some videos of our installations, wowed by the scale and keen to understand how they can get involved.”

From speaking to Cleveland Bridge Group employees to trying their hand at building bridges, Bring It On 2019 was a great platform for younger people interested in engineering. When the exhibition hall is a hive of children excited about learning and engaging in activities, it is inspiring for all involved.

At the Cleveland Bridge Group, we are very proud to play our part in ensuring a sustainable future for the engineering industry and look forward to returning to Bring It On next year.

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