We are bridge building pioneers with a track record second to none, working on historic groundbreaking projects, many world firsts and landmarks worldwide. In the UK we are pre-eminent in the Highways and Rail sector, where we manufacture and install steel bridges of every type, including beam, truss, cable and modular bridges.

In the world of construction, the company manufactures, fabricates and installs load-bearing and architectural steel elements for large-scale commercial and civic buildings, industrial buildings, heavy transfer structures and iconic stadia. The company’s specialist knowledge and expertise in bridge building and steel construction enable it to bring innovation and value engineering to any project, helping to solve problems, save time, costs and resources for clients, while improving safety and environmental performance. To learn more about Cleveland Bridge please click here.


Industry leader

Our bridges cross some of the world’s great rivers and waterways, connecting countries and continents and bringing communities together. Our structural achievements are architectural icons that have transformed the skylines of great cities.

We were at the forefront of the huge global development in construction which took place during the 20th century, creating iconic bridges and buildings all over the world. More recently, we have created striking new structures that are powerful symbols of our age. Icons such as the Burj Al Arab, the Wembley Stadium Arch, Canary Wharf Towers and the Thames Flood Barrier.

Internationally renowned

From the majestic Emirates Towers in Dubai, to Hong Kong’s spectacular Tsing Ma Bridge. Our experience is global, and our installation engineering skills are second to none. We are internationally renowned for design, quality, fabrication, construction and installation.

Cleveland Bridge as an industry leader have a rich history of working with a range of National Governments and NGO’s to assist infrastructure financing, specifically in rural areas and developing countries. For example, we work with the governments of many countries to help secure funding for bridge projects from the World Bank, export agencies such as UK Export Finance (UKEF) and other similar institutions.

Highways and Rail

Cleveland Bridge has extensive skills and expertise in design, civil and structural engineering, fabrication, project management, installation, construction and remedial services for steel bridges, buildings and structures on any scale. Collaboration is at the heart of every Cleveland Bridge project. From early engagement with architects and designers, through contributions to planning and logistics and coordination with main contractors and sub-contractors, our willingness to share expertise is the key to successful, safe and efficient project delivery.

Sustainable Manufacturing MX Awards 2018 finalist
Structural Steel Design Awards Logo WINNER
Structural Steel Design Awards Logo Commendation
Made in Midlands.eps
Crest_Regional Winner
CN Specialists Awards 2020 – Finalist Logo
CENE Finalist
2019_Gold Award
Winner logo Project of the Year £2m – £6m

Cleveland Bridge’s willingness to collaborate with the project team, combined with their determination and ingenuity in overcoming challenges as they arose, ensured the successful delivery of this complex

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